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Happy Law Day from Justice Karl Procaccini

May 1 marks the celebration of Law Day, an opportunity to reflect on the importance of the rule of law in our society.

The rule of law underpins our legal system—everyone plays by the same rules, and nobody is above the law. When he took his oath of office, Justice Procaccini quoted former Minnesota Supreme Court Justice John Simonett, who said, “The genius of the United States is that, in only a little over 200 years, the rule of law has become firmly embedded in our national soul. Even so, this respect of law is a fragile thing, easily lost, and must be revitalized by each new generation.” In our democracy, the legal system derives its ultimate authority from the people.

Whether it is serving on a jury or reminding friends and family to vote for state judicial offices this November, these actions show how people are at the center of our legal system.

Happy Law Day—and remember to flip your ballot over this fall to vote for Justice Karl Procaccini to serve a full term on the Minnesota Supreme Court.


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